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​Taking pART project 2021

Over the course of the Spring/Summer of 2021, we were fortunate to receive a grant from The Dulverton Trust administered by The Kent Community Foundation to facilitate art workshops for people over the age of 60 to encourage them to get engaged with the community through an accessible and enjoyable format in the Swale area in Kent.

With support from the Kent Community Foundation and the Dulverton Trust, we awarded a commission for artists and other creatives to lead accessible art activities. These workshops aimed to reinforce a sense of community so that particularly the vulnerable and isolated could be brought together to grow their connections to others while they enjoyed a form of self-expression and learned new skills.

We are also delighted that we were able to include 9 artists to deliver a variety of workshops including cyanotype, linocut, painting, colour theory, still life, and more. We would like to thank the following artists for their contribution.

Lara Dix

Tim Body Camille Serisier

The Taking pART project started with much anticipation with a small group outdoors at Stalisfield Green; local residents enjoyed the opportunity to meet other people in a covid safe and creative environment.

During these Stalisfield sessions, participants worked outside and despite the good old reliable Spring British weather came to join in with Cyanotype, drawing and other workshops.

Later on in the project, we were pleased to announce a partnership with the organisation Friendly Faces of Kent to deliver interactive workshops for two of their community groups. These were originally planned to start in June 2021, however due to covid restrictions the classes got pushed back to mid-July. The classes began small and then increased in the number of participants. For the safety of everyone involved government guidance was strictly adhered to. Some of our workshop leaders incorporated the use of outside space for their classes so that sessions could include more people.

The project overall benefitted in the region of 40 local residents some of whom suffered from mental and physical issues which were exacerbated by the pandemic loneliness and fear of going out. We are hoping to deliver further workshops in person during 2023 when more funding is secured.

​ If you are interested in getting involved we will advertise future opportunities here on our website or on our social media pages (@InASpaceArts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

In a Space is an inclusive charity that welcomes multidisciplinary artists of diverse backgrounds and experiences. We look forward to considering all applications.

Please feel free to contact us via our email if you have any queries for private, well being workshops at work or if you wish to nominate a community for future activities.

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