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Landlords Program

In A Space is a registered Arts Charity that can offer you a legitimate way of mitigating vacant property business rates in a socially responsible way which will enable you to cut costs.

We are looking for premises to deliver community arts projects. All aspects of the process including the licence agreement with In A Space and use of the property will be professionally managed.

If you would like to discuss this further please contact Rose West via email or by telephone on 01227 250363

The following is a case study by us including quotes from landlords we have worked with recently 

The property was a previous dance studio in good condition situated in an upmarket residential and commercial area near Chelsea Harbour. The client Greenstone Noble Limited were keen to address the issues of a vacant commercial property being unoccupied for a period of time while marketing the property to let.  In A Space was able to provide a solution by fully occupying the premises in their capacity as a Charity.


In A Space has experience of working with professional artists who are assessed and referenced for their suitability to responsibly use the space which includes providing opportunities to offer art activities and exhibitions for the public. In A Space conducts Risk and Health and Safety assessments for each property it occupies and regularly checks the property to ensure that it is being managed appropriately. 

At Imperial Wharf we were able to commission an Artist in Residence who worked with large textile pieces. The artist developed and exhibited some stunning colourful textile pieces and provided weaving workshops for members of the public. We also had another regular artist who provided drawing classes using pencil and paper. 

In A Space was able to deliver a gross saving of 70% on the clients business rates. In A Space vacated the property in good time for the new permanent tenant leaving the property in excellent condition. The clients managing agent commented  


"We were delighted with In A Space's management of their occupancy at our client's vacant property at Imperial Wharf. The premises were managed appropriately and left in good condition" 


David Ford  

Director of Surveying Azure Property Consultants Ltd 

For a printable version of this case study please see the link be

Business Rates Mitigation Case Study  


Unit 10-11 The Boulevard, Imperial Way, London SW6

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