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well Being and Bespoke Classes

The Covid pandemic focussed employers minds on the developing need to address wellbeing in the workplace. It is now being recognised that art activities can be a very effective way for groups to interact and communicate together in a fun and engaging environment. 

In A Space responded to this need during 2020 by creating online zoom sessions where colleagues could join in from their home or work desk or even an armchair participating in drawing exercises requiring only pen or pencil and paper. The sessions are designed to be entirely accessible and enjoyable for those with no perceived artistic skills as well as those that are interested in drawing. Here are some of the comments we received from an established financial institution after a lunchtime drawing session. 

“It was great fun and I feel like the day has been reset” 

“Great mindfulness break” 

“It’s a really relaxing break to the day” 

At the request from a regional utility client we delivered some children sessions which helped support parents and guardians working from home. We received lots of positive feedback such as this parent’s feedback 

“ Ive attached my daughter’s art from yesterday - the hand and the cat. Had to share the other one with you too as she carried on drawing for ages after the session which was great for her to have a decent break from gadgets and I didn’t feel guilty carrying on working. She said the balloon picture is ‘to remember to spread kindness to others’. Too lovely for me to not share ” 



Please contact us if you are interested in running any art based wellbeing activities in your organisation 

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